Mum slams ‘insane’ Amazon overpackaging as £1 decorations arrive in 3 huge boxes

Mum slams ‘insane’ Amazon overpackaging as £1 decorations arrive in 3 huge boxes

A mum has slammed Amazon for ‘insane’ overwrapping after three small Christmas decorations that would have fit in an envelope came separately packaged in three huge cardboard boxes.

Kaz Worton-Casey, 48, ordered three sachets of £1 “reindeer food” to decorate her presents with earlier this month.

But the mum of two was left stunned when the three-inch packets turned up in separate boxes, each cushioned with more wrapping inside.

The hospice nurse, from Worthing, West Sussex, initially laughed at how ridiculous the packaging was, but has since hit out at the global retailer for the unnecessary waste created.

She said: “When these boxes turned up my husband was joking saying what have you ordered now and I thought I’ve got no idea what these could be.

“They were huge boxes but they were all light as a feather.

“It was basically three tiny little sachets of reindeer food, they were all from the same retailer and they were all ordered at the same time.

“They could have fitted them in one envelope or jiffy bag.

“When I opened the first one I thought please don’t let the other two be in these two other boxes but they were.

“When we were opening them we had a bit of a laugh about it but then I thought this isn’t even laughable, this is insane.

“I would never normally put anything online but I just thought what an absolute waste of time, effort and packaging.”

After recycling the 12×10 inch boxes and wrapping paper, Kaz contacted Amazon on Facebook to complain.

The retailer responded by telling her they would flag the issue to the packaging team.

Kaz said: “I try and do my bit for the planet like we all should.

“It’s a difficult year to avoid online shopping and unnecessary packaging because of lockdown but it’s just frustrating when you see this.

“The boxes probably cost more than what the decorations did.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “Since 2008, Amazon has made continued progress in reducing packaging waste, and using less packaging material.

“Initiatives like the Frustration-Free packaging program, encourages manufacturers to package their products in an easy-to-open packaging that is 100 per cent recyclable and ready to ship to customers without Amazon boxes.

“To date, Amazon has reduced the weight of outbound packaging by 33 per cent and eliminated over 914,000 tonnes of packaging material, the equivalent of over 1.6 billion shipping boxes.”